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Here’s your summer soundtrack in one tidy little digital package; Poolside Australia

Stream Joe Goddard’s Endless Love EP now – such a great start to your Friday

Every time you see the words ‘Joe Goddard’ you just know it’s going to be good. Here is his latest single, Endless Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can we make out now please?

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard has teamed-up with German producer Boris Dlugosch to produce a very humble video for new single ‘Step Together.’

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Friday without a MixTape is like sex without the orgasm.

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Sydney’s ROOF produces some of the best disco-house mixes in Australia. His latest monthly creation, July Live Mix 2013, will have dance-floor deviants frothing from start to finish.

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What does a Friday MixTape mean to you?

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Friday MixTapes are a gateway drug.

From the new Taking Over EP is ‘Step Together,’ the latest solo single released by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and 2 Bears fame.