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Peter Bjorn and John’s new album is uplifting, emotive & energising (★★★☆)

We review After The Disco, the latest album from Broken Bells and we’re sure you’ll agree with out rating

If you’re going to cover a song, you need to do it really well.

“Reflektor, the fourth studio album from Arcade Fire sprawls a bit to find its feet, but sprawling with Arcade Fire is a perfectly good way to spend 76 minutes if you ask me.

Words by Jacqui Wonder.

We delve into the musical evolution of Paul Godfrey, one-third of UK ambient trip-hop project, Morcheeba.

Shugo Tokumaru is a Japanese singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who combines a form of classic Beatles-esque melodies with his own unique style of Japanese-pop. Check out his latest single, ‘Katachi’.