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It’s that time of the year where we roll-out our contributor’s ‘TOP 10 ALBUMS of 2016’, and we’re kicking it off today with Perth-based Angus Dawson

No question about it, Bon Iver is a God, and his new album is all the proof we need

(★★★★★ by Angus Dawson)

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RY X’s debut album is just magical from start to finish

(★★★★★ by Angus Dawson)

Aussie muso Angus Dawson proves once agin just how talented he really is

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featuring: Angus Dawson, RAEKO, Sunlight&Lions, Boycott and howl

West Australian producer Angus Dawson reveals his latest offering

West Australian producer Angus Dawson shares a daydreaming new original production

Perth-natives Flower Drums share a new single and news of Aussie tour

Angus Dawson whips Sun City’s ‘Paralyse’ into a moody, hypnotic arrangement of sounds

‘Breathe’ is the latest piece of blissful, down-tempo electronica from Perth newcomer Angus Dawson