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Gold Coast producer Whisperer unveils a beautifully moody debut EP

– ★★★☆ by Michael Hutchinson

Gold Coast newcomer Whisperer gives us another stunning taste of his upcoming debut EP

This debut single from Aussie newcomer Whisperer is going to work some magic on a lot you

Ryan Hemsworth gives us his first track for the year

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The debut EP from Irish/Iranian newcomer Keian is sure to hit the right spot with some of you

Leaks’ Jaunt EP will give your auditory system a very nice little massage on its way in

Melbourne music-maker Leaks unveils a stunning new single called, ‘Underthought’

Kick off your week with the sweet electronic feels of ‘Do Anything’ by Brisbane’s Feki

Melbourne-based producer Leaks returns this week with an offering of lush electronic beauty, titled ‘Often It’s You’

Indie folk-rock trio Ballads are offering up a dreamy, nostalgic style of music that is sure to send shivers down your spine. To get a sense of their sound, think Midlake, Album Leaf, and Bon Iver.