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‘The Westering’ sounds like a dusty old record of your dad’s that has been hiding away in some crate since the 70s. Wickerbird slots right into the current wave of nu-folk artists, but still sounds authentic.


Compared to the likes of Klaxons, The Horrors and classic-Joy Division, you’d expect Sydney’s Nantes to have dined on a heavy diet of rock music from birth. Not the case for founding member Josiah Eastwood.

‘Wonderland’ is a beautifully constructed EP that has been spat up seemingly out of nowhere. Kirk Spencer has all of us here at Acid Stag gushing over his dynamic but restrained beats. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Snowmine (USA), To Kill A King (UK), and Willow Beats (AUS).

Who benefits the most from online music streaming services? The artist or the listener? We discuss.

Jagwar Ma’s music sounds so widely influenced (there aren’t too many acts around today I could compare them to), so we thought it would be prudent to ask Jono Ma about his early music tastes.

If you have heard any of the new material from ‘Beta Love’ then you will be well aware of the reinvention of Ra Ra Riot’s sound. One thing that hasn’t changed are Wes Miles’ swooning falsetto vocals.

Rat & Co’s ‘One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein’ sort of melds into one mass of buzzy sweetness that will glide right through your earholes.

‘Homosapien’ takes all the best parts of PVT’s distinctive approach to making music, but does it in a more accessible way than their previous albums.

Infused with a healthy dose of 60’s pop and lashings of soul, Hungry Kids of Hungary’s ‘You’re A Shadow’ signals the Brisbane outfit’s return in style after releasing their debut album ‘Escapades’ back in 2010.

Mitzi’s sound is pure sugary Europop. Think Phoenix, Miike Snow and The Whitest Boy Alive. Synth-heavy, disco-beat tracks are overlaid with frontman Dominiqe Bird’s spacey vocals.

You could listen to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘II’ for a month and still not pick up on every intricacy. In other words, this band is genius.

Melbourne’s Harts (Darren Hart) is a ridiculously well-versed artist who’s obviously come from a strong musical background. So we asked him: “What was your first CD?”

The “indie” brand is part of our culture these days, but it’s a shame to think just how many people don’t realise what the true meaning behind the word is. This will make things much clearer.