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Bigger, darker, introverted and aggressive: these are words that spring to mind when listening to ‘Kveikur,’ the seventh studio album from Iceland’s favourite export, Sigur Rós.

Life’s thrown a lot at Lawrence Greenwood AKA Whitley in the past four years and from the sounds of the more mature and darker ‘Even the Stars are a Mess,’ he’s thrown it all into this album.

‘Pocketknife’ from Norwegian one-woman electro-pop outfit Mr Little Jeans (AKA Monica Birkenes) exhibits a fragile vulnerability, making this debut album persistently charming.

Despite the sour event that preceded this release, CSS managed to uphold their fun, spirited sound without stumbling. Planta exudes plenty of grunt complimented by production that matches the girls’ boisterous nature, ensuring the party never ends.

Jagwar Ma’s ‘Howlin’ is a very solid debut record that leaves a promise of bigger and better things in future.

I was so ready to pass on Empire of the Sun’s ‘Ice on the Dune,’ but after a theatrical intro, just a few bars into track 2 ‘DNA’ I was hooked.

‘Surge’ EP from Cosmo’s Midnight will leave you on another planet, one carefully constructed from gorgeous melodies, and the precision and skill of two very talented twins.

Recent Modular People signees MOVEMENT are set to launch debut single ‘Feel Real’ next week. Before the Sydney three-piece hit the big time, we asked vocalist Lewis Wade about his musical roots, and which CD had the most impact on him growing up.

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If you were lucky enough to see Disclosure in one of their Australian appearances this summer, you need no sell on debut album ‘Settle.’

On the tail of releasing debut full-length album Hanging Gardens, we asked Tyler Blake, one half of LA production duo Classixx: What was the first CD you bought?

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was one of the most anticipated albums of not only the year, but maybe even ever. This of course begged the question: Does it live up to the hype?


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The Score by The Fugees was the first CD Andy Bull ever purchased. He claims ‘Killing Me Softly’ as being the greatest thing he’d ever heard at that time.

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A dance-floor filler in his own right, DCUP’s earliest musical memories revolve around a certain King of Pop, an artist who I’m sure many musicians would credit as a big influence in their careers.