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Noble Oak gives us another stunning preview of his upcoming debut album

Melbourne’s Tali Sing teams up with Dominique to give us another taste of his unique indie-R&B sound

GodWolf kick-off Aussie tour and release new remixes by Yeo + Rat & Co

Fans of Ben Khan and Jungle will really dig the sounds of UK newcomer Marble Empire

LA trio BRÅVES return with a great new track, and we have the very first listen

Sailors give THEY a good dose of their chilled-dance grooves and big meaty beats

Kids At Midnight is releasing her debut EP today, along with its next gorgeous single

Sydney newcomer LJ Hawk takes us on a chilled adventure of melodic synths & cruisey, 80’s bass-grooves

Ardency team-up with Icelandia for the first taste of their upcoming EP

Aussie producer cln does a sneaky Kanye rework

Aussie newcomer Taka Perry shares a very impressive debut EP

Win & Woo give Bryce Fox’s new tune a dose of their infectious, summery grooves

TJH87 inject Cazzette with some of their disco-funk

Christa Vi gives us a little electro-pop taste of her upcoming debut album

WA rapper/producer Ziggy gives us a super smooth Rihanna rework