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Ahhhhh wtf!? Close it. Quick, close it!!!!!

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featuring: M.I.L.K, Marble Empire, Zoot Woman & Point Point

Nick Murphy’s new ep is an incredible mix of experimental bangers that leave you wanting more (★★★★☆)

Moodblanc release a track full of intoxicating synths and twinkling productions.

Get ready to body-roll your way through this new track from Diplo, Justin Bieber, Rich the Kid & Young Thug.

EinarIndra returns with a beautifully smooth yet eerily haunting slice of Icelandic electronica.

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This new Odd Mob track is warm, summery, euphoric dance music at it’s finest!

This new ep from Instupendo may very well be the prettiest music you’ll hear this week.

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featuring: Hard Ton x Mirror People, FARE SOLDI, Moullinex & Goshfather

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featuring: EMBRZ, ELJAY, Lucian & Ben Phipps

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Lane 8 sure does know how to write incredible euphoric-dance music, and this new single is irrefutable evidence of this.

Sweden’s Leonell Cassio teams up with Julia Mihevc for a darkly sweet tune about accepting you for you.

featuring: Michl, William Bolton, biLLLy & Thomas Azier

Goss drops impressive debut EP, and alt-pop electronica never sounded so good (★★★)

Willow Artists launch their artist roster with a party featuring Jack And The Kids, The Hiding, Jumbo Mavis and Orches!