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The fifth album from Sinkane is a celebration of life in all its many permutations (★★★★)

This new Cold War Kids track is pretty damn good, but I am die-hard fan so I may be a little biased

‘I See You’ brings in an eclectic new sound for The xx (★★☆)

The stampede at Falls Festival in Lorne over New Years was a terrifying anomaly – how’d this happen?

Melbourne contributor Alex Milne gives us her ‘Top 10 Albums of 2016’, while noting her excitement for the increase in female talent coming through

Listen Out heralds the beginning of summer and the Aussie festival season (★★★★★)

Glass Animals defy ‘second album syndrome’ with their unique experimental-indie-electronic-hip-hop sound (★★★★☆)

Jinja Safari’s final LP pt.1 is a kaleidoscope of sound & emotion (★★☆)

Gypsy And The Cat have sadly released their final album (★★★★)

Duke Dumont played a show so wild it almost made up for the fact that I couldn’t make it to Splendour (★★★★)

Angus Stone’s new project Dope Lemon is all about mellow coastal-rock sounds with good vibes all round (★★★)

In a soulful fusion of electro, funk and disco, ‘Sweet Addiction’ heralds the return of Yuksek in a stunning five track EP (★★★★)

German super-house duo Andhim fire up the house with a four-hour set at Brown Alley (★★★★)

Peter Bjorn and John’s new album is uplifting, emotive & energising (★★★☆)

With profound lyrics, spectacular piano and heart wrenching vocals, James Blake’s The Colour In Anything is an album that makes you stop and listen (★★★☆)