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The Foundry’s first Birthday party with Velociraptor & Golden Vessel was a night to remember

(★★★★ by Corey Brown)

The South East Grind are back in full force with compilation Volume 4

– words by Corey Brown

Brisbane newcomers Glasshouse give us a very impressive debut single

Fatboy Slim delivers a rave-inducing audiovisual experience at Electric Gardens

– ★★★★ by Corey Brown

We have words with Cosmo’s Midnight about their music and the upcoming Sea N Beats cruise

– words by Corey Brown

If you enjoy any left-of-field electronica, you need to get around this new EP by BASECAMP

★★★★☆ by Corey Brown

Goldroom’s new EP is an expertly assembled collection of songs that flow impeccably well

– ★★★★ by Corey Brown

Treat yourself to the tastes of the electronic underground via Sydney’s Terra

– ★★★☆ by Corey Brown

Agua Roja bring the goods with their debut EP

– ★★★★ by Corey Brown

Catlips​’ Casual EP is like LSD for the ears

– ★★★ by Corey Brown

The ups & downs and the highs & lows of Laneway, Brisbane

– ★★★☆ by Corey Brown

Just before the release-mayhem begins, we scored some one-on-one time with Purity Ring

– words by Corey Brown

Corey Brown, aka Omniment, gives us his Top 10 picks of the year

GRMM returns with his next hit, this time featuring Yasmin on the vocal duties

author: Corey Brown

If you’re looking for something that is genuine and gives no regard to trends, give Yeo’s Come Find Me a few spins

[★★★☆ Corey Brown]