Australia duo Sumner have a new single to share with us this week called ‘Your Love’ which also happens to credit Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes (aka PNAU) on co-writing duties, and you can certainly feel that influence in this powerful and passionate summer dance anthem. The duo continue to showcase their innate ability to blend heartfelt lyricism, pulsating beats and intoxicating vocal layers ~ and it’s also just a small taste of some of the new music they have in the works!

“We’ve got a lot of pent up energy we need to release into the world, and the overwhelming feeling we’ve shared during a time of frustrations and setbacks has been love. Love for each other, love for our fans, love for everyone that keeps us going both as artists and individual people. “Your Love” is an explosion of our passion, a burst out of the gates as Sumner re-emerges.” ~ Sumner

out now via: etcetc music
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