If you’re looking for a super-smooth taste of nostalgia and groove, we have just what you need in the form of the debut single from the Salmon Brothers, the duo of Nick Weaver and Nick Meredith who release this single as the first taste of a forthcoming posthumous album ‘More To Love’ in tribute to the late Nick Weaver.

‘Fools Can’t Tell No Lies’ acts as time machine into the world of 70s inspired groove and nostalgia, with a crisp tempo created in the rhythm section that serves as the launchpad for the bright melodies and keys to collectively evoke that brightness and vibrancy throughout the journey of the release. It’s simply impossible to not immerse yourself within the good times on offer within this release, whether that be through the captivating falsetto tones or the luscious instrumentation compiled, one thing is for sure – a good time is to be had when delving deep into this impressive release.

“The more we got to know each other the more we started to share our taste in music. We spent hours chatting about 70s disco, reading articles about how their songs were made, trying to dissect the work. But it took a year or so before we actually wrote any music together.” – Salmon Brothers

out now via: Dot Dash / Remote Control Records
artist connect: Instagram

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