Jimi The Kween brings forth a commanding and anthemic piece of new music that is sure to get your attention in ‘Don’t Touch The Hair’, a pulsating club-styled offering filled with powerful vocals and fierce instrumentation that pierces right through your speakers.

‘Don’t Touch The Hair’ centres itself on a thick and lively percussive groove to set the tone of the release, all while those commanding vocals stand tall in the centre of the mix and are elevated that extra amount through the buzzing bass and synths. When all of these elements combine together, we are left with an explosive drop filled with plenty of grit to go around.

“I feel so powerful in this vocal, and you can hear how much fun I am having living my fierce fantasy. This is the first time you don’t hear me singing in a track, and I kinda live for it! This track is for my sisters and all my community, respect your kweens!!” – Jimi The Kween

out now via: Jimi The Kween

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