Adelaide artist JesseMelancholy continues to make his presence known in the scene with an emotionally-fuelled offering titled ‘we can change the world if we try’, a deeply personal indie/electronic offering that showcases his production prowess and artistry at its absolute best.

Leading us in with the minimalistic approach of the acoustic guitars and his gripping melodies, ‘we can change the world if we try’ builds in intensity through the emotiveness on offer that leads us into a mammoth second half of the track whereby the electronic influence comes to the party. Once we arrive, we are met with an explosive wall of sound through the synth and bass presence on offer that provides plenty of power and force that further exemplifies the emotive context held within the core of the release.

“we can change the world if we try is my most honest and vulnerable song yet” ~ JesseMelancholy

out now via: JesseMelancholy
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter

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