Masked producer camoufly is easily one of my favourite artists this year, and today he is again proving exactly why that is. He’s just released a new single called ‘Intuition’, which has him teaming up with Japanese-American producer/vocalist SHIMA, and it is an infectious three-minute cocktail of pulsing beats and dynamic synths, set against a backdrop of oriental percussions and hypnotic vocal loops. 

“It can be difficult to keep your music on your hard drive for a long time, especially when people around you are telling you that the song “needs to be released ASAP”. Luckily this was not the case, as I felt no pressure to release this song after two years. That also seems to contradict the trend of simply writing and releasing music (or… content?!) right away, which I think has become the norm with TikTok and other platforms. Instead, I think it’s cool to write a lot of music and then decide what and when to release it. As an independent artist, I wouldn’t trade this freedom for anything, and it’s important to my project because it represents some type of freedom that I strive for in my daily life.” ~ camoufly

out now via: kawaii bounce
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