Over the last month Australian producer 1tbsp has given us two very awesome new singles with ‘Starchitect’ and Limosina (feat. Cherry Chola), which also came with promise of a whole new album headed our way titled “Megacity1000”, and he is continuing the album’s anticipation build this week with new single, ‘The City Never Felt So Good’.

1tbsp has also just recently announced his “I Live In The City and I Like It” tour (get your tickets here) which has him playing a variety locations across North American throughout July/August, including his first ever show in Mexico City!

“I’m really excited to return to the USA for these shows + it will be my first time playing in Mexico. I’m gonna play a bunch of new music from my upcoming album ‘megacity1000’ just before it drops. See you there❣️” ~ 1tbsp

out now via: sumoclic
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/1tbsp

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