Vienna / Manchester DJ and producer salute evokes plenty of vivaciousness that is as addictive as they come with his brand new single ‘maybe it’s u’, a superb electronic/pop offering featuring Scottish producer and singer Sam Gellaitry that is truly a match made in heaven.

‘maybe it’s u’ demands your attention with its striking instrumentation making its presence felt immediately, mainly evident in the powerful percussion and robust synths on offer. This lays down the perfect podium of which those heavenly vocals shine incredibly bright atop the soundscape and further inject that effortlessness across your speakers that ensures a long-repeated listening session is undertaken as simply once isn’t enough with this absolute gem.

“I took a pop approach to the record…I went in quite blindly just with some loops and ideas but there’s much more of a focus on songwriting and collaboration on this album. In dance music there always seems to be this focus on doing everything yourself but I wanted to get a team around me to develop the ideas I had. One thing I’m really proud of is how organic the work with the collaborators is. I’ve managed to get such a breadth of amazing people on the record.” – salute

Stream: Ninja Tune
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