Sakr takes listeners on a profound sonic odyssey with a textural offering titled ‘Structures’, a six-track release filled with a significant depth in production through through a darkened electronic backdrop that encapsulates plenty of raw emotion within its approach.

‘Structures’ utilises a deepened electronic influence within its production base, with rock-solid foundations laid throughout the duration that allows the perfect launchpad for the soaring synths to pierce through the mix with their power. All while the layers of electronic instrumentation command your attention, Sakr finds plenty of room for those gentle melodies to stand tall and meld into the soundscape with absolute ease, and in doing so add the final cherry on top of what is a very impressive release.

“The Structures EP is a letter to the framework of who I am. Who I am has always been a complex question for me, both in my personal life and my creative life. Sakr exists, so I can. Naturally, the songs encourage the listener to explore themselves and hopefully find parts they need, never knew, or love.” – Sakr

out now via: Sakr
artist connect: Instagram | TikTok | Soundcloud

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