Australian producer Ninajirachi has ascended at quite the rapid rate in recent times with an ever-growing global fanbase and is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of her brand new EP ‘girl EDM’ which is out now via NLV Records.

‘girl EM’ packs a serious punch with its commanding approach, with soaring synths piercing through the mix with sheer ferocity all while a thumping backdrop of hard-hitting beats and euphoric bass sets a menacing tone throughout. Featuring previously released ‘Hand on my heart’ and avant-electro ‘Ninacamina’ with Izzy CaminaNinajirachi continues the narrative that the previous singles began and brings plenty of heat and drive within a jam-packed production base that’ll definitely shift you into next gear.

“It’s just girl EDM… You get it or you don’t. People love to ask artists how they’d describe their sound, and recently I realised mine is literally girl EDM”. She reveals “EDM was the music that first made me want to become a producer when I was a 12 year old in 2012. My taste grew and changed but EDM and dance pop raised me and so many in my generation. Girl EDM is like a sister and sequel to my 4×4 EP from 2023, they are like one big project in my mind. If I had more patience it probably would have been one big album”.  – Ninajirachi

Australian fans can catch Ninajirachi on her upcoming national tour. Check out the below dates and get your tickets HERE.

out now via: NLV Records

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