With news of an upcoming sophomore EP ‘Snowball’ due for release later this year, singer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Molly Otto gives us a taste of what we’re all in for with ‘These Things’, a fast-paced offering filled with mesmerising melodies and polished production that leaves us begging for more.

Centred around a deep four to the floor styled groove, ‘These Things’ hypnotises us through the swift tempo on offer that is further instilled via the keys working in tandem with the foundations that set the stage for those captivating vocals to have plenty of room to command your attention in the mix.

“I like to start a lot of my tracks by chopping up a random unused vocal of mine, until I arrive at a melody I think is memorable. It’s a nice way to feel like I’m not just throwing away vocals that I didn’t use for other songs – I get to repurpose it in a creative way. ‘These Things’ started out with a vocal chop using that process, and the rest of the song came to me more easily once I had that foundation.” – Molly Otto

out now via: bitbird
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