Over the last few months American/French producer MarMar has given us a collection of new singles with Call On You, Try (feat. LUUNG), Heart, Imposter (feat. Becca Kreuger) and Without, which all came with promise of an ep headed our way soon.

That ep is titled “Feel Okay”, and MarMar is excited to finally be sharing that with us this week, alongside its previously unheard title-track, ‘Feel Okay’, which as he reveals below, is about his personal battle with OCD and the constant struggles in his mind.

“Tough track for me to even talk about actually, but Feel Okay is about my battle with OCD and the constant struggle in my mind. It’s truly been a hellscape going through diagnosis and treatment and I needed a way to externalize that. This is such a special and difficult track for me. It was tough to sing about this, tough to mix, tough to master. Just a total struggle to create and also maybe one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. I wanted to just be honest about how things are in my mind sometimes. How I’m always seeking peace. I spend a lot of time wondering what it would be like to completely “Feel Okay.” ~ MarMar

out now via: Seeking Blue
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/marmarofficial

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