Following on from feature performances at St Kilda Festival and the inaugural Sydney SXSW last year, Melbourne/Naarm-based singer-songwriter Jewel Owusu brings forth a magnetising offering in the form of ‘JOOL WAVE’, her debut seven-track release that fuses R&B and electronic influence together with ease which results in a luscious output.

‘JOOL WAVE’ travels through its duration in an incredibly smooth manner, with polished production of crisp beats and sublime bass lines setting the backdrop in tact for the flawless vocals to take control and command your attention immediately. With further depth in the mix added through atmospheric pads and synths providing plenty of energy, Owusu ticks all of the boxes for what is an incredibly well-rounded debut offering that is sure to see her stocks rise across the globe.

“The term ‘Wave’ not only signifies the sonic journey I’m embarking on and the unique genre that I’m trying to pave out for myself, but also symbolises the diverse wave of emotions I explore in each track. Jool Wave is all about being young and feeling everything really deeply.” – Jewel Owusu

out now via: Jewel Owusu
artist connect: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok

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