Multi-instrumentalist and producer Daktyl has combined forces with Lizzy Land for a soothing collaborative effort titled ‘Idols’, a multi-faceted release showcasing the absolute best of both artists all to a tranquil backdrop filled with warmth.

‘Idols’ carries itself forward in a gentle yet intricate manner with its instrumentation, all while evoking a luscious colour palate within its duration that you can easily unwind to. Whether that be from the brittle percussion, the sublime bass line on offer or Land’s divine vocals, ‘Idols’ ensures a laid-back feel is maintained in near all aspects of the mix compiled and in doing so ensures a good time to be had by all within its path.

“Lizzy and I wrote ‘Idols’ in my studio in LA. We started the song on the piano, and the lyrics came together very quickly. For me, the song is about questioning those we idolize, those who project an image of having all the answers. I believe there’s beauty in acknowledging the complexities of life. We wanted to create a space for listeners to find their own meaning within the song.” – Daktyl

out now via: bitbird
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