Melbourne singer-songwriter Blush’ko returns in impeccable fashion with a luscious new single titled ‘Hallucinations’, his first single of 2024 via Sidekick Music and it is a real treat with a fusion of soul, R&B and electronic influence all intertwining together for a fresh soundscape.

‘Hallucinations’ immediately catches your attention with its ultra-vibrant instrumentation on offer, set in stone by the uplifting foundations held by the sublime bass and crunchy percussion setting the tone from the ground up and in doing so allowing those captivating vocals of Blush’ko to shine that extra bit brighter across your speakers. With further splashes of colour through the injections of flavour in the keys and guitars throughout the duration, ‘Hallucinations’ is sure to lift your spirits with its addictive brightness on display.

“The song is about feeling ‘whipped’—knowing you’re being taken advantage of but going along with it anyway, questioning if you’re the problem. I wanted to play with this concept in a cheeky, naughty way.” – Blush’ko

out now via: Sidekick Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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