San Holo opens up the gates to his loyal listeners to depict a tale of healing and moving on within his brand new single ‘feel something real’, a glowing release filled with a trademark balance of soaring guitars and emphatic electronic influence that provides a majestic feeling towards the soundscape.

‘feel something real’ does as its name suggests and strikes the right balance between contemplation and intensification within its duration, with San Holo tactically pulling the energy back and forth to showcase the powerful messaging in the vocals all while ensuring the groove and intensification creates a pivotal climax in the necessary sections. Through the gentle vocals soaring atop of the mix, San Holo provides plenty of texture and drive within the luscious guitars and buzzing synths that results in an incredibly rounded release.

“feel something real” is for everyone with trust issues… i wrote it after finding out that someone very close to me lied to my face. We tried to move past it but it just didn’t feel the same anymore 😔 how do you rebuild trust after a lie? maybe this song helps.” ~ San Holo (via Instagram)

out now via: bitbird
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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