Dutch electronic duo Yellow Claw continue to bring that power and force into each of their releases with yet another heated single ‘Cold Like Snow’, featuring the vocals of Thai K-Pop singer Sorn that intertwines darkened electronica with trap influence for a suspense-filled journey.

Yellow Claw set the scene in an ominous manner with rising synths and pads setting the tone against the suspenseful beats that provides a foggy landscape for Sorn‘s captivating vocals to take centre stage and mesmerise all within her path. Once we arrive at the chorus, we are met with a major shift in intensity and power with surging synths and trap-styled beats that shatter the mix into pieces with their ferociousness. 

“After our first studio session in a hotel in Singapore, we invited Sorn over to Bali to work on the music some more. She came over and brought snacks. It was then, and there we knew we had a true friendship going on.” – Yellow Claw

out now via: Barong Family
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