Over the las few months Scottish producer Pocket has given us a neat collection of singles that I’ve been really vibing with. He has a sound that can be likened to a mix between wes mills, Duskus and Laurence Guy, but also maintains this unique quality within everything he creates. 

He’s got another new single to share with us today called ‘Evergreen’ which features the golden vocal sounds of fellow Scottish singer/songwriter KLOE (aka Chloe Anne Latimer), and it also comes with the announcement of Pocket’s debut ep “Love Disc” which is scheduled for release on June 23rd – presave that now via Helix Records

“Evergreen’ was a song that I started with the idea that its simplicity is its strength. Lots of texture and all based around the piano part. KLOE and I had a chat about our lives and everything we were experiencing, and the song became a love letter to being with someone long distance. The unapologetic lyrics and feel is to me what makes it such a standout. In the climate of house music and dance music in the UK, it’s very easy to hold yourself back from making something sweet and warm with the fear of not fitting the mold, and I’m happy with taking the chance to make that happen.” ~ Pocket 

out now via: Helix Records
artist connect: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 

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