LA-based producer OddKidOut combines with rising artist Young Viridii for a menacing collaboration titled ‘THIEF’, a darkened display of electronic music filled with swirling instrumentation and commanding vocals that stand tall in the centre of the mix to depict a tale of having your eyes wide open in toxic relationships.

With that key notion of toxicity held in the core of the lyricism, OddKidOut makes it his mission to produce a swarming sensation within his instrumentation by relying on deepened percussion and powerful bass to set the tone in the backdrop and match the heat created by Viridii’s output. This intensification reaches a climax in the chorus when those soaring synths tear apart the soundscape and shifts everything into overdrive with an emphatic wall of sound.

“THIEF is about a trap that many people fall prey to. We prioritize lust with a sprinkle of love and then get damaged in the process. I don’t want people to realize it’s toxic when it’s all said and done. Recognize it from the start, and save yourself from the absolute disaster that’s right around the corner.” – Young Viridii

out now via: bitbird
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