Anonymous producer Modapit showcases all the tools in his artillery with a brand new single ‘For You’ which dives deep into the world of UK garage influence all while depicting a gripping narrative that is also accompanied by a short film. 

The 10 minute short film perfectly encapsulates the intensity and emotion that lies in the core of the release, whereby the twists and turns that are held in the UK garage influenced audio are matched perfectly with the narrative and characters stories which leaves viewers on the edge of their seat and hooked in from the second it begins.

“’For You’ is a song about never giving up. Modapit songs tend to have uplifting themes, and “For You” is no exception. Getting people away from their sadness is a huge influence in the creation of Modapit songs. The hope is that people can escape into this music.” – Modapit

out now via: Thrive Music
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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