New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Elliot Moss unearths a mellow offering that delves deep into an interpersonal journey titled ‘Lazy’, a gripping single that utilises stunning instrumentation and captivating lyricism that will strike a chord with you immediately.

The core of the release centres itself around a minimalistic approach within the instrumentation compiled, but don’t let that fool you – ‘Lazy’ will make a mammoth impact on you from the first encounter. Moss carefully manipulates the mix with richness through the use of deepened beats coupled with luscious pianos and pads that provides plenty of room for those laid-back yet poignant vocals which leave you in awe.

“‘Lazy’ explores how individuals often resort to avoidance and externalization when faced with emotional pain. The artificial hand mirrors the ‘rubber hand experiment’ and its illustration of misattributing sensations to external objects. ‘Lazy’ underscores the significance of confronting past experiences for genuine personal development and healing, and the self-deception inherent in inventing ways to ignore them. 
The lyrics are listing the ways I distract myself from the reasons for my uncertainties or failures—which can be uncomfortable to admit, so it made sense for the instrumentation to take on that same uneasiness.” – Elliot Moss

out now via: Nettwerk Music Group
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok

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