Sydney trio of brother’s D.E.L return to the music sphere with their much anticipated Sophomore EP ‘Ryan’s Room’. Featuring an array of experimental sounds ranging from alternative R&B to Indie and Electronica – the 5-track project is a lilac hued haze into a world of melancholy synths and understated altpop production.

Standout single ‘Tears’ really captures the subtle atmosphere of suburban sadness created on ‘Ryan’s Room’. Haunting vocals float over an innocently sweet piano refrain, all offset by the groups masterful use of subtle production choices. 

On the inspiration behind the EP’s title and it’s creation the brother’s had this to say:

“We wrote most of the EP during a stay in our good friend and fellow producer Ryan Miller’s studio in Surry Hills. We had been playing with ideas and sounds for most of the year and when we got that time together all the jigsaw pieces fell into place. There’s so much of us in this EP, so much of which we attribute to the last few years of writing and producing music together for other artists and getting the time to collect our ideas and feelings and make sense of them. We are extremely proud of this EP and absolutely love working together as D.E.L, so this EP feels like a homecoming. There’s a magic in Ryan’s Room that we can’t explain, but every time we are in there together we feel inspired.” ~ D.E.L

out now via: Gatcombe Music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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