London-based artist Willah marks his first release of the year with a lively and vibrant new single ‘Whole’, a synth-driven offering soaked in an upbeat tempo that throws shades of nostalgia across its blissful journey.

Throughout the journey that is ‘Whole’, Willah utilises an array of instrumentation and cross-genre influence to provide a freshness within its soundscape, notably the fusing of bubbly synths and scattered guitars providing plenty of texture to the already colourful production on offer. With the cherry on top being those hazy vocals floating majestically above the tight-nit mix, ‘Whole’ presents a well-rounded release that keeps you grooving throughout its campaign.

“This new song follows a change in my life and was written while wondering around Highbury Fields, North London. The mood is wistful, so I wanted to combine my usual focused, synth-driven sound with elements of the hazy indie I listened to as a teenager. My upcoming releases this summer are more direct and dance-oriented, but they stick with the guitar/synth interplay I arrived at with Whole.” – Willah

out now via: Willah
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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