Stockholm-based indie/disco duo Tomode are here with your dose of nostalgia and funk with the release of their brand new EP ‘Riviera’, a five-track release that is as fun as they come with a genre-bending display of groove and uplift that you simply won’t get enough of.

Throughout the journey of ‘Riviera’ we are blessed with a real deep dive into the glory days of the 70s disco era, with plenty of grooviness to go around whether that be in the sublime bass, crunchy percussion or easy-going melodies that flow ever so gently across the soundscape. Tomode brilliantly deliver a vibrancy and positivity within each of their tracks, paying tribute to the early days of disco while providing a sense of freshness within their approach.

”For us, the Riviera is a place where profound natural beauty is entangled with a commercial hollowness. Enjoying a deep orange sunset on cheap plastic furniture. A light coastal breeze with a hint of chlorine. Just beneath the shiny surface flows a melancholic undercurrent that you just can’t seem to escape.” – Tomode

out now via: Riptide Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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