Following on from ‘Fist Fight’, his first single in three years, The Kite String Tangle continues to make up for lost time with a brand new single in ‘Euclidean’, an instrumental release that encompasses a considerable amount of groove amongst the euphoric production within.

‘Euclidean’ centres itself around a combination of sparse vocal samples working in tandem with the tight-nit percussion and synths that sets up a jam-packed mix with plenty of texture and colour being splashed across the soundscape. The Kite String Tangle utilises this to his advantage in pulling the intensity back and forth to leave listeners on the edge of the seat whilst also giving plenty of room for them to get amongst the groove within.

This track was really fun to make. I love working with samples and the fact that this song has none of my vocals in it gave me the freedom to explore the production side a bit more freely.” – The Kite String Tangle

out now via: The Kite String Tangle
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