Sofasound returns in impeccable fashion with a groovy collection of tracks in the form of the ‘outside’ LP, an eight-track release filled with uplifting beats and melodies that showcase an intimate and personal journey for the artist that we are invited to explore.

‘outside’ provides various shades of vibrancy within its colour palate collated, with lively and energetic synths coupling nicely with the groovy rhythmic section that sets the scene for the enchanting and mesmerising vocals to float majestically above the mix and provide a further layer of breeziness into the spectrum.

“This album is very special to me because most of it was written deep in the fight of anorexia, I was on my death bed for most of this project and received help in a treatment center for 7 months and completely turned my life around. I have an entire happy and fulfilling life and had the pleasure of finishing the project when I returned home with a new hope and excitement for life!” – Sofasound

Stream: Magic Magic
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