I am a bit of a ROOSEVELT fan, and when I say “a bit of” I do mean “hardcore” because I generally listen to all of his albums every week and I never get over them.

Needless to say I was very excited to see that he has a new single for us this week called ‘Ordinary Love’, which does have the classic ROOSEVELT sound with its dreamy, nostalgic and engaging sounds. There’s no mention of another album just yet but I reckon there’s something cooking….

“Written in LA last summer in an isolated cabin in Elysian Heights. I worked on a demo that I initially called ‘Wall Of Sound’, putting a ton of synth layers together – I wanted to create some kind of urgency, that resembles the euphoria of a new love, with all its bliss, but also the uncertainty that comes with it. The idea of the sound of the sirens, that are played on a vintage Prophet 5, came when I wanted to create an underlying feeling of instability. It worked out as a great contrast to the melodic chords, as there’s always a slight disharmony going on throughout the track.” ~ ROOSEVELT

He’s also just announce a huge North American tour that is happening throughout September/November – check out the dates below then click here for all ticketing info

out now via: Counter Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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