Over the last few months, American producer Medasin has been making promise of a whole new album coming our way soon and this week he is making good on that with the release of “Always in a Hurry”, which he says below feels like his first “real” album. He feels it reflects where he always wanted to be as an artist as he explored his creativity in ways he’d never done before. 

“Tbh this feels like my first real “album”. This music reflects me absolutely sprinting forward into creativity in a way I had never gotten to before. It’s a period of true creative mania. The music is very fast and chaotic and completely bursting with sound and life. At times almost too much so. It is me in a hurry to show you everything I love and everything I’m feeling. all of my favorite ideas of the past few years. This is me finally having the courage to accept and let go of an era of medasin that i had simply outgrew. I really really appreciate u guys sticking w me and giving me the much needed time and space to not only go thru a shit ton of musical growth, but also to reclaim a lot of my attention that i feel like was spread thin in my career focusing on things that did not truly represent me creatively. Today I have never felt happier or more honest with myself about who I am, and I hope you feel that in the music.” ~ Medasin (via Instgram)

out now via: Medasin
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