Inspired by the concept of synesthesia, multimedia artist and producer juuku unleashes his colourful new body of work on his eclectic new EP titled ‘Lavender Dreams and Scarlet Nightmares’. Alternating between two distinct aesthetics; the 7-track offering is an exposition in duality utilising his arsenal of bubbly synth arps with explosive elements of industrial electronic and hyperpop. 

Opening track ‘Moonlight’ sets the tone perfectly for this glimmering twilight-set universe, indulging in it’s slow riser building verses and kicking into gear as it revs into its hyperactive sugar-rush chorus. Other favourites include the hard-hitting ‘Wait For Me’, with it’s chaotic breakdown drop hitting a welcome burst of energy in the project’s mid section as we’re subjected to the ‘Scarlet’ side of this two-toned project.

Explaining the inspiration behind the concept album, juuku shares:

“Lavender Dreams and Scarlet Nightmares is my gateway to the two different sides of juuku. I have synesthesia, which means I see colors when I listen to music. Anytime I make music – it’s usually in the tone of red (scarlet) or purple (lavender). For my art, and the universe I’ve been building with it, the lavender side represents the beautiful, wondrous atmospheric side of juuku, while the scarlet side represents the darker, chaotic worlds that I create. This EP is my first foray into exploring both sides of this universe, across multiple genres, trying to find myself in different parts of these worlds, so that I could share it with you.”juuku

out now via: DIM MAK
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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