Just a few weeks back JUNGLE announced they would be giving us a new album in August titled “Volcano” (presave here), which also came with its first preview single ‘Candle Flame (feat. Erick The Architect)‘, and it sure did get us all a bit excited.

They have another little teaser to share with us this week called ‘Dominoes’ which also comes with a very fun J Lloyd & Charlie Di Placido directed music video that starts-up exactly where the ‘Candle Flame’ music video finished off, and it closes out with a little peek into their next release, ‘I’ve Been In Love’. 

They’ve also got a hectic tour schedule happening throughout August/November – you can check out those dates below then click here for more info

Welcome to the JUNGLE baby! 

out now via: Caiola Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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