UK producer Jam City has just dropped a new album which is titled “Jam City Presents EFM” and it is a very impressive ten-track collection of indie-dance music that explores a variety of alternative pop influences, and it’s ticking all my boxes. 

Jam City makes note below that this album would not have happened without a few special collaborators (Clara La San, Aidan, WetEmpress Of), and that it was one of the most gratifying and fun times he’s ever had making music. Now you know you’re in for a treat! 

“I began recording the first sketches of this album for a bit of fun in the mornings before I had to do Real Work, somewhere amidst the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic (remember lockdown??). Just making beats for the hell of it. But the playlist got longer and longer and longer and then suddenly, wait, is this an album?

Having said that, I think I started writing this record in my head about 15 years earlier – its the music 18 year old me would have made if I could have. Took an interesting route to get here but we arrived right on time.

This album simply wouldn’t exist without all the amazing collaborators who have come on the journey with me, so I want to dedicate it to them. With everyones contribution Planet EFM got bigger and deeper and richer – seeing a whole world slowly grow from a little idea in a sketchpad to something you could step into. It’s been one of the most gratifying and fun times I’ve ever had making music and it absolutely SLAPS and now it’s yours!!!!” ~ Jam City (via Instagram)

out now via: Earthly / Mad Decent
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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