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Following a string of standout singles earlier this year, LA-based producer helloworld serves up the main course of heartbreak anthems on his stellar EP ‘things i wanna text u’. Released in partnership with non-for-profit organisation Bring Change To Mind – helloworld hopes to bring his audience’s attention to the importance of mental health on this ambitious new project. 

Fans of experimental electronic pop legends like Charli XCX and daine will resonate strongly with the soundscape he has created here; with his signature 8-bit glitch and hyperactive synth stabs shining in all their iridescent glory as seen on previously released single ‘am i right?’. Lyrically, this EP also represents a deeper side of helloworld’s journey as a writer exploring themes of healing and loneliness through his unique Hyperpop lens. 

Discussing his journey creating the EP he shares:

things I wanna text u’ is a collection of tracks that illustrates my journey of emotion through heartbreak. Through this process, I’ve felt everything. From excitement and joy to sadness and depression to resentment and anger to more excitement and joy. When writing these songs, I was trying to find the perfect words to say for every one of those stages in my healing process – words that could resonate with someone who might be going through the same thing. Through this time, I have really gotten to know myself more. I started to take my mental health really, really seriously. Over time, I’ve come to really love the person I am and what I have to say.”helloworld

out now via: bitbird
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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