Miami-based producer Gian Varela celebrates his Latin roots on his latest body of work ‘L.O.C.’. Breaking down genre barriers and infusing his cultural identity into each track, the new EP is a megamix of influence from afrobeat, to techno and modern house. It’s a high energy call-to-the-dancefloor and everyone’s invited.

Standout tracks include the already fan-favorite ‘Ponme Loco’ – with it’s rapid fire basslines and modern punch production providing all the East-Coast heat his fans have come to love and expect. 

On the personal significance of releasing this project, he shares:

“To summarize, the EP is about “La Otra Cultura,” fighting stereotypes, and about Latinos who love their heritage and their roots but draw their inspiration from what happens outside of Latin culture. I want to push this more into the world through my music, and this EP, which consists of 6 tracks ranging from afro house to the strong side of tech house, perfectly represents my sound spectrum when I play and produce. Having Mixmash Records‘ support and their approval of this idea and my sound means so much to me.” – Gian Varela

out now via: Mixmash Records

artist connect: Facebook | SoundcloudTwitterInstagram

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