Fred Again.. has teamed up with the legendary Brian Eno for a new collaborative album titled “Secret Life” which was in-fact written & recorded around the same time as the three “Actual Life” sessions. While you can hear a lot of similar ideas within these songs, the album itself has a much more delicate sound with it layered soundscapes and atmospheric tapestries that truly showcase the exceptional talents of both of these artists. 

This has really made my morning.. 

“So as a lot of people seem to have worked out over the last couple weeksssss…my new album called Secret Life is coming out on Friday. Holy shit that’s tomorrows tomorrow! It’s with one of my favourite people everrrrr, Brian Eno. I absolutely love Brian. So much. Ive been so lucky to have him as my friend and mentor since I was 16. And the older I get the more I appreciate how rare and wonderful his mind is. Making this was I think the most therapeutic experience I’ve had in music. I’ll explain a bit more why when I understand it a bit better I think?” ~ Fred Again..

out now via: Text Records
artist connect: Facebook l Instagram l SoundCloud

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