Following on from her latest double release ‘Say What You Want / Calling Out Your Name’, Scottish newcomer Fourth Daughter continues to impress with yet another single ‘Take The Fall’, a darkened electronic offering filled with swirling melodies and menacing instrumentation that packs a serious punch with its production depth.

‘Take The Fall’ sets the darkened energy in tact immediately in the early stages, with the deepened percussion setting the tone in the foundations amongst the brooding synths and basses that lay out the perfect podium for Fourth Daughter‘s haunting melodies to truly shine. As we arrive in the chorus section we are met with a shift in intensity with a distorted influence amongst the synths and bass adding plenty of grit, whilst still allowing plenty of room for those angelic vocals to stand tall and leave us all in awe.

“The mental torture of trying to take up your own space in places where it sometimes doesn’t feel so easy to do so out of being too shy/not wanting to make a mistake. It’s like an internal dialogue of wanting to be yourself but being too afraid of what other people might think, and the yo-yo self encouragement/self doubt debates that come with that. I was having a pretty bad day the day I wrote it so I think it was all pretty anecdotal of what I was feeling at the time. It was my first trip down to London to write with Paul Whalley who later went on to produce the entire EP and so I think the mix of feeling overwhelmed in a new place with new people fed its way into the song too.” – Fourth Daughter

out now via: Music Is Fun
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