Experimental electronic producer ford. drops a taste of his anticipated album “Guiding Hand” on tantalizing new single ‘The Pace’. Boasting an array of twinkling piano riffs over a sea of ambient textures – it’s a truly atmospheric affair that excels in capturing the magic of his intricate production chops. Leading into the hotly anticipated release of his next full-length offering ‘The Pace’ drops alongside a stunning self-directed music video – that sees the artist superimpose psychedelic visuals as a supercut to bring his eclectic vision to life. 

On finding the inspiration for the track he elaborates:

‘The Pace’ is the most accurate representation of life on the road, especially trying to get back into touring after some time and all the other hurdles that came with that. It’s the soundtrack to how I was feeling at the time and going through these intensive travel periods and being on the move a lot. I wanted to write a piece of music that was expressing the feeling of the motions of life and things moving constantly,” – ford.

Stream: Foreign Family Collective
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One thought on “ford. – ‘The Pace’

  1. This is spot on! I like the mix of beat and rhythm with ambient and random sounds. And the soft muted tonality is exactly what I love to hear. Great music.

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