Australian artist Arky Waters has just dropped a neat little three-track ep titled “ARKY SUCKS” which is guaranteed to stimulate the senses. 

Arky notes below that the ep title is leaning into the fear of people not connecting with your music when you release it, but I have to say this ep is at the total opposite end of sucking – this is really greak work Arky!

“The Arky Waters project was created as a way to give myself permission to release whatever I wanted with no filter – I didn’t want to overthink anything I put out as long as it made me feel something real. It’s 2023, I’m independent, I have a strong team behind me, and we just want to make shit that we think is cool regardless of differing opinions. A lot of the time the biggest fear in music is for you to release work and for it to be received poorly. I wanted to strip away that fear and lean into it – hence the title ‘Arky Sucks’.” ~ Arky Waters

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