Following a handful of critically acclaimed singles over the past two years; Norwegian songstress Ponette unveils the next taste of her musical journey with new EP ‘i think the world was better without me in it’. With a focus on hard hitting alt-pop production and irresistible hooks, the four-track offering explores the Norse artist’s desire to break free from the personal limitations of her past as an artist uninhibited by her own fear of vulnerability.

Sprawling opener ‘Boom’ sees her play with cinematic dynamics – as a slow burn ballad unravels into a full-blown shoegaze wave of texture and noise as it hurdles toward it’s final moments. Equally engaging is the follow-up titular track, with it’s snappy electric guitar plucks and distorted synth melodies kicking into gear at the drop of a hat to keep you right on the edge of your seat. 

Discussing the creation of focus track ‘Beats Me Up’ (feat. Coucheron) she shares:

“This song and EP was created during a massive wave of feelings. Totally overwhelming. I just had to find a way to communicate all of the raw emotions that had been building up in my body for a while, and I want the song to feel like that when you listen to it as well. I hope people can relate, and that I’m not totally crazy. It felt so weird and personal to show Coucheron the demo, as it’s basically like showing someone your diary, but he immediately responded with ideas and thoughts on how to make it communicate even better.” – Ponette

out now via: Toothfairy
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 

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