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Chromeo have just released a new single called ‘Replacements’ which features a guest appearance from the one-and-only La Roux, and it is making me feel real good. 

“For our second single, we wanted to take a 90-degree turn. The groove stays, but whereas ‘Words With You’ feels loose and organic, here we let the keyboards and drum machines do the talking. We’re an ELECTRO-funk band after all, and this record contains little nods to the 2000s indie dance sound that’s so dear to us (fuzzy bass = instant HypeMachine time warp). The idea was to combine sweaty dancefloor energy with sincere emotions. It’s the duality in our name: Chrome, the shimmery electronics, and Romeo, the heartfelt romantics.” ~ Chromeo

The guys actually debut this single at their Coachella performances last week which saw La Roux jumping up on stage with them to do her parts (check these snippets on Insta), and they also gave the audience a very special treat by performing La Roux’s hit songs, ‘In For The Kill’ and ‘Bulletproof’. 

‘Replacements’ is also the third single from Chromeo this year. They haven’t mentioned an album as of yet but keep your ears & eyes peeled because I reckon something is cooking in the Chromeo kitchen. 

out now via: Chromeo
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