Over the last few months Australian producer ZUSO has been busy working on a collection of new music that he will be sharing with us throughout the year and he is excited to be kicking things off this week with his latest offering, ‘Higher’.

ZUSO explains that the main concept behind the ZUSO project is to create music that people can get lost in or escape to, so he builds these elaborate soundscapes filled with daydreamy atmospherics and euphoric ambiance, and if this first single is anything to go by, we are in for quite a treat from ZUSO over the coming months.

“The idea for ‘Higher’ came from me stumbling across this sample/template online. It was a fast-paced drum and bass styled beat with these somewhat dreamy pads and chords as the melodies. It’s the first time for me experimenting with a fast tempo drum & bass styled track, but I felt it fit my vibe really well and thought it was really cool. As a lot of the stuff I work on is focused around progressive house/melodic beats, I thought it would be interesting to change it up and still keep that dreamy atmospheric type of vibe, just with a faster beat.

So that’s what happened. I then applied some of my own sounds and presets, added some dreamy melodies and it all just flowed really nicely. I also thought it was cool with the two breakdown sections where I actually sampled a cabin crew speech, preparing the passengers for take-off which kind of builds up the anticipation to the drop and is also something very unique and different. This was then complemented by a little vocal sample saying ‘Take Me Higher’ which conveniently was in key and worked really well, that’s where the name and concept of ‘Higher’ came from.

Overall, it’s just a really cool and interesting track, it still has a chilled ZUSO vibe to it with a more break beat and danceable feel, but also still has that sense of escapism which is dope. It’s awesome to now be able to showcase my music in different ways and styles that people can still get lost in or escape to and I’m excited for what’s next! ~ ZUSO

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out now via: ZUSO 
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