The Kite String Tangle is coming back to us this week and he is in fine-form with latest single ‘Fist Fight’, which takes us further into his exploration of dance/house music with layers of dark synths, driving grooves and echoing vocals. 

“’Fist Fight’ is a song gathered from fragments of a dream. I wanted the track to be an intriguing lyrical journey that lulls its listener into an unconscious bop. It’s supposed to catch you off guard and have you come out the other side feeling like you’ve woken up from a surreal dream” ~ The Kite String Tangle

There’s no word of a new The Kite String Tangle album just yet but I truly doubt he’s just going to drop in with one single… 

out now via: The Kite String Tangle
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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